Healing Visualisations

Assisting Body and Mind to the Best of Health


Track 1: Healing with the Energy Body -15 mins

Chinese medicine advocates that energy follows spirit and blood follows the energy. The blood in this case represents the human body. This visualisation takes you deep inside where you will nurture the flow of energy, promoting healing and good health. This is a wonderfully relaxing and warming way to bring the whole of The Self into harmony … mind, body, and spirit.

Track 2: Blue Halo Healing - 20 mins

There are various ways to connect with a higher energy. According to some beliefs, the source is divine, and others request help from the Universe. Yet others may be inclined toward employing their own Higher Self – the consciousness above and beyond the distractions, trivialities, and constant chatter of the conscious mind. Assistance in healing is available to all.

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