Mastering Calmness

Pouring Fragrant Oil on Troubled Waters


Track 1: Breathing to Calmness -14 mins

The way we breathe mirrors our relationship with life. When we are calm, our breath is smooth and slow, but if we become agitated, the breath shortens and becomes shallow or jerky, often making the situation worse. This gentle practice is for you to take into your daily life, to calm yourself and help regulate your blood pressure whenever the need arises.

Track 2: Mastering Calmness - 18 mins

Fostering a sense of calmness is imperative for physical, mental, and emotional health. Being able to calm your body and mind is not only beneficial to yourself but for all those around you. If you can remain relatively unfazed and focussed through stressful situations, the calmness you convey can become contagious, assisting greatly in diluting and managing shared stress.

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