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Jennifer's fiction books cover genres such as mystery, drama, suspense, and romance. As well as full length novels she has written a novella, short stories, flash fiction, and two self-help books for better health. All are published in digital format and some in paperback, as well.

The Hamilton Sisters is a series of novels following the dramas, romances, and tragedies of three young women. They must also deal with their dysfunctional relationships with one another.

Stepping Stones to Meditation and Themed Meditations are for those wishing to incorporate practical methods into their lives to enhance well-being and happiness.

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What Happened to Polly
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The Hamilton Sisters: #1

A little girl is kidnapped. Complex emotions are laid bare as her family deal with the aftermath. This is a story of tragedy and despair—but ultimately one of hope and redemption.
Designs on Daisy
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The Hamilton Sisters: #2

Two of the Hamilton sisters juggle romance with their dreams of commercial success. The other lies broken and silent after a failed suicide attempt, living only for a second chance to end her guilt ridden life.
Almost a Widow
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The Hamilton Sisters: #3

The sisters draw on love and support from each other as one suffers a heartbreaking betrayal with dire consequences, and another must learn to live without the love of her life.
Angel of Rosetown
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Angel of Rosetown is an historical romance with a touch of the supernatural.

Stepping Stones to Meditation
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Stepping Stones to Meditation is a self-help book to achieve optimum well-being and happiness.

Gentle breathing and relaxation exercises guide the reader to improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. These practical methods and techniques can be blended into daily life with very little effort.
Themed Meditations
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Themed Meditations is a Yoga Teachers' reference book that is also useful to students, carers ... and literally anyone who breathes.

Some of the visualisations are themed to various illnesses and conditions, while many others may be used for everyday relaxation and as an aid in improving well-being.
Teatime Twists
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Teatime Twists is a diverse collection of flash fiction short stories that twist their way to surprising conclusions.
Inward Bound
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Inward Bound is a short romantic story of a woman's journey to self-discovery.

To discover what lies behind the locked door of her heart and mind, she must go back in time—way back. She can undertake this mission only with the help of her Inner Self.
Sassafrass Cottage
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Sassafras Cottage is a romance novel revolving around family relationships.

An inheritance from a woman's first love exposes her long-hidden secret. Sudden money effects alarming changes in her family. Their relationships are tested, some to breaking point.
Short but not Sweet
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Short but not Sweet is an anthology of Drabbles.

A drabble is an entire story crafted into 100 words precisely. Not one word more, nor one word less.