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It took a long time, and many requests and nudges from meditation students, but I finally began producing my own guided visualisations on CD and in mp3 format. While for some the intention is simply to infuse deeper peace and happiness into their lives, others have found these visualisations beneficial in:

* learning how to live more calmly with clearer thought processes
* setting up healthful breathing patterns for the day ahead
* reducing the frequency and severity of panic attacks
* alleviating depression and/or anxiety
* decreasing/eliminating physical pain, which is intensified when one is holding onto tension
* providing a peaceful time-out to restore mental clarity
* tempering the impact of negative or unsettling emotions
* dealing with cancer/chemotherapy - and all conditions of disease
* overcoming insomnia - one guy said that he has not yet stayed awake to the end of a track!

You may click on the CD images to hear a short excerpt.

CD - 01
General relaxation for a more peaceful day
Summary of Tracks
A combination of deep breathing and relaxation to refresh and energise

CD - 02
Letting go of physical mental and emotional stress
Summary of Tracks
Practices for releasing long-held tensions, particularly for those who suffer from headaches

CD - 03
Bringing body and mind to optimum health
Summary of Tracks
Visualisations to assist you in expediting your healing process through mind-body balancing

CD - 04
Infusing mind and body with blissful peace and calmness
Summary of Tracks
Deep relaxation to soothe worries and concerns, allowing you to think more clearly and effectively

CD - 05
Preparing the mind for a deep and restful sleep
Summary of Tracks
Focussed breathing, quiet musings on life, and a dream holiday around the world

CD - 06
Unblocking and energising through the Chakras
Summary of Tracks
Balancing and harmonising mind and body through our spiritual energy centres

***YOGA NIDRA Recordings
are now available***

PRICE for CDs: $15 each or $12.50 each when purchasing 2 or more

Enquiries for postal delivery
Email: jennie@jenniferhanning.com

How to Purchase mp3 Files

Single tracks are available through Google Play and can be stored on your ipod, ipad, tablet, phone, or simply saved to your computer for future listening.

Google Play Link Relax with Jennifer Hanning

PRICE: $0.99 per breathing practice or visualisation; $1.69 for Yoga Nidra
If you would be kind enough to leave a review (it can be brief) that would assist me in keeping the prices low.

More recordings will be added as time goes by.


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