Jennifer Hanning
Stepping Stones to Meditation

A Guide for Beginners
by Jennifer Hanning

Breathe into health and vitality
Relax into peace and stillness
Meditate in blissful silence

Deep inside every person is an infinite well of peace and serenity which often seems inaccessible due to grief, illness, dissatisfaction in life, or just the fast pace of modern living. You only have to step onto the first stone to feel the benefits begin. The next stone will take you a little deeper into peace and serenity.

Stepping Stones to Meditation will guide you through easy-to-follow breathing techniques that refresh and revitalise mind and body while optimising the functioning of all your internal systems. You will learn to develop deep relaxation skills, enabling you to rediscover the state of peace which is your most natural state; all other states are effects of causes. Once you are breathing correctly with your body and mind deeply relaxed, you are then able to enter into stillness and silence—the blissful state of meditation.

Some of the practices may also help you to:

*  ease physical or mental pain
*  heal illnesses or afflictions
*  overcome depression, fear, anger or anxiety
*  cope more tranquilly during periods of grief
*  balance and maintain mental, physical and emotional health
*  develop focus and concentration skills
*  cultivate a positive outlook for everyday life
*  interact more harmoniously with others
*  enjoy life more peaceably and calmly
*  develop and grow with spiritual awareness
*  discover your inner-self or true nature
*  experience super-consciousness.

This progression across the stones serves to increase the chances of reaching your full potential. Enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

Some of the Reviews on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars "Life Changer" 1 April 2013 By Mr. D.A. Haynes
For the last 6 month I've been suffering with a long term injury which has inevitably made me irritable and frustrated. I wasn't expecting this book to have such a profound impact on me and a knock on effect to my family. I am a complete novice to meditation and I mean complete novice! However that doesn't matter. This book is pitched perfectly at people just like me which I think is perfect. The author is clearly an expert teacher with experience at where to pitch these techniques. I admit to being impatient, even more so for the reasons above. Yet, within a few minutes I was being taught, in very simple terms, several practical skills which were of benefit immediately. This, in itself was a major achievement and was a bit of a light-bulb moment for me. Life changing, I think they call it and I can see the book becoming a continual reference point for me.

5.0 out of 5 stars "An Excellent Guide" July 24, 2013 By Stuart Erskine (Amazon Verified)
After reading this book I have placed an order for 20 paperback copies. They will make great presents for people from all kinds of life with all kinds of health issues. The techniques are easy to understand as are the exercises.
I thought the book would be more about meditation but found the greatest value in the breathing and relaxation methods. Many of these can be done anywhere and I was pleasantly surprised to find they make positive changes in everyday life.
There are many books available for people who want to decrease stress, improve their health, or just enjoy life more but I have no hesitation in recommending this one.

5.0 out of 5 stars "A must read!" 10 April 2013 By Marie This book is a little gem: practical, clear, easy to read, easy to use, simple but giving all you need to go deeper if you want to. A very useful guide on my journey to meditation.

5.0 out of 5 stars "Wonderful introduction to Meditation", April 3, 2013, By Roger Nobles
An easy to understand guide for meditation—almost like Karaoke, easy to sing to :)
Really enjoy the step to step exercises.
Jennifer Hanning is my new favorite mentor.

5.0 out of 5 stars "Stepping Stones to a Calmer Life", June 2, 2014, By Deekar
Stepping Stones to Meditation is a wonderful practical guide to live a calmer more fulfilling life. The breathing exercises alone are gems that, if practised daily will lead to thoughtfulness and consideration in the way one can relate to others. The range of meditation techniques prepare the reader with techniques to address the challenges and trials in life.

Via email from Katie Fox, Yoga Teacher. July 1, 2014
I have enjoyed Stepping Stones to Meditation and have referred to it during my Yoga Teacher Training and now as a Teacher with my own participants. The abbreviations are easy to remember as are the auto cues. The reference to activities of daily living, constant mind and body connection remind the reader to be in touch with oneself, check in constantly and you will reap the rewards with time . I particularly like the mix of yoga and meditation techniques which lacks in majority of books on meditation. The chakras and importance of grounding for example.

Via email from Carol, Yoga and Meditation teacher. Aug 21, 2014
I am hooked on your book - can't put it down. I plan to record all the meditations for myself to use as it will be good for me too widen the number of techniques I practise regularly. Obviously being a teacher I can read the book easily and see how beneficial the techniques are quite quickly. However I plan to give a copy of this book to all my family and friends, as it is so simply written that I know they can start from zero knowledge and become proficient practitioners in a relatively short time if they wish. I know how meditation helps me in my life, enabling me to take less medication and yet I am still aware of how much more benefit there is that I have yet to find. My journey now continues using your book, not only for myself but for my students who are such beautiful people, many of whom have been loyal to me for over 10 years since I first started teaching yoga and meditation. My personal practice spans nearly 30 years and your book will definitely bring me into a new chapter in this my 50th year.

Stepping Stones to Meditation is available in paperback and e-version.

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