Jennifer Hanning
Themed Meditations

for Teachers, Carers, Students, and Practitioners
by Jennifer Hanning

Breathe into health and vitality
Relax into peace and stillness
Meditate in blissful silence

Meditation is finding the stillness within, and this can be achieved through various methods and techniques. Some may favour breath-work and muscle relaxation practices, while others love guided imagery. Whatever one's preferences, body and mind must work together harmoniously for deep and complete relaxation, which is conducive to optimum health.

Themed Meditations addresses physical illnesses and mental disturbances, gently guiding the reader or listener into a quiet place to assist with the healing process. There are many practices caregivers may wish to employ for the comfort of their patients and charges. As well, there is an abundance of general visualisations for teachers to incorporate into their yoga classes. Some readers, particularly those fairly new to meditation, find it restful to read a visualisation just before sleeping. This calms the mind after the day's activities and allows one to float into a restorative sleep, free from concerns about tomorrow's responsibilities.

Visualisations included in this book may assist you with:

*  improving physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health
*  tapping into peace and happiness on a daily basis
*  easing physical and/or emotional pain
*  relieving headaches, stress, and tension
*  calming respiratory problems such as asthma
*  subduing mental issues such as anxiety or depression
*  clearing blockages in the energy body
*  distributing the vital life force throughout your whole body
*  developing a deeper and smoother breathing pattern
*  building confidence along with tranquil serenity
*  finding a way to forgive and let go of anything holding you back
*  toning the abdominals and gaining control over weight
*  softening facial features and expressions naturally
*  experiencing mental and physical relaxation every day

Meditation is a journey, rather than a destination. Enjoy the view.

Reviews on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars "Themed Meditations" 26 September 2015 By Maya Hansajati
Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Author Jennifer Hanning has just released her latest Relaxation and Meditation book called "Themed Meditations". The book is full of inspiring Guided Relaxations, Meditations and Pranayamas (breathing practices) which may be used by Students, Yoga Teachers or Carers to bring about a deep sense of peace and tranquillity. This E-Book serves as a wonderful resource for Yoga and Meditation Teachers as you will gain lots of fresh and inspiring ideas that will make your classes truly creative and enjoyable for your students and clients.. Even just reading through the book the relaxations and meditations contained within the book have an amazing relaxing effect on you as you mentally follow the journeys that jennifer Hanning guides you through in her book. An absolute must have resource for professionals and students alike.
Maya Hansajati
Melbourne Australia

5.0 out of 5 stars "A brilliant reference book" 1 October 2015, By Linda Wilton
Well done again Jennifer - Stepping Stones has been a brilliant reference book - thankyou for Themed Meditations - you cover it all.

THEMED MEDITATIONS is available in digital format.
Print release is scheduled for pre-Christmas 2015.

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