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* Testimonials *
From Jennie's Zoom Yoga Students
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Jennie, my mind and body thank you in abundance! You have changed my life and I LOVE your classes. My mental and emotional state is healthy as is my posture and my body is supple..... all because of you. It is such a blessing you are in my life, divine providence.
Judy W.

My life changed for the better when I made a commitment to myself to reinstate yoga back into my life. On my journey to find the right teacher for me, I met Jennie Hanning and the change she has made to my life is something I can't put into words. Her calming, guided practices set me up for the day, keeping me emotionally balanced and physically stretched. Through COVID Jennie's classes on zoom were a complete life saver.
If you want to do yoga, you need Jennie.
Jo N.

Hello, my name is Suzie and I am a recovering alcoholic. When I stopped drinking I was full of fear, resentments and anger. I was irritable, restless and discontent and suffering depression. 'Monkey Mind' never stopped, causing paranoia and anxiety and I was forever dress rehearsing tragedy. And then God sent me Jennie. My journey of enlightenment, discovery, peace of mind and serenity began.
Jen's Yin and Nidra are beautiful and the stretching so effective, exactly what a body needs, especially for us older women. Her meditations are not only varied but blissful, deep and therapeutic and she teaches us how to breathe properly and how to relax completely. Her visualisations take me to far away places and my whole body feels warm and fuzzy... like the world stops. These practices are essential for my mental, physical and emotional health and I have successfully closed down the Monkey Mind.
Thank you Jen, I'll always be back. Namaste.
Suzie B.

I've been enjoying doing Jennie's yoga classes on a regular basis since she started them on Zoom, and have also been fortunate to attend a few studio classes when I've visited Melbourne. While holidaying with family on the Gold Coast for seven weeks and unable to get to classes, my stomach and back pain returned. However during my first class back on the mat, the pain and tension seemed to melt away, reminding me that my health definitely benefits from yoga and meditation.
Kelly T.

Jen, I love your teaching style and knowledge. You bring balance and clarity to my life and I can't imagine not being able to join you every week! Thank you so much for your generosity and beautiful calm. Your classes are such an important part of my week and I just love having you in my life.
Ros W.

Jennie has been teaching me yoga for more than 10 years. She is an exceptionally gifted teacher and a lovely person. I'm now 71 and in good health despite some major issues. I believe I owe much of this to Jennie's classes.
Peter M.

I have attended Jennie's classes in person for over ten years and more recently via Zoom. Jennie has expert knowledge of the workings of body movement. Vast and various techniques to improve flexibility and her attention to detail makes her a great yoga teacher. Jennie's yoga practice incorporates a mix of strength, flow, deep breathing and relaxation / meditation. I was drawn to Jennie's warm and compassionate personality. I am certainly blessed to know her, her teachings have improved my life without question.
Georgina F.

Jennie's Yoga & Meditation classes leave me feeling refreshed and inspired to make the most of the rest of my day. Being a fellow Yoga Teacher, I understand the research that Jennie puts into each class and I truly feel that I am in safe hands, knowing as each class progresses that I am participating in a balanced grounding practice.
Carol K.

Jennie is a calming, informative, knowledgeable teacher. She cares about your health and takes note of your individual needs. Jennie is talented in that she is able to notice what you need, even on Zoom. I find her voice very caring and her classes are unique. I always feel wonderful after her classes and have a new energy and positive attitude that I am able to take into my day and week. I have learnt skills and correct positions that help me in my day to day life. I highly recommend Jennie's classes. They are amazing and conveniently affordable. Thank you for all you've given me over these years.
Nici A.

I enjoy Jennie's personal warmth and sincerity, and her ability to move me away from the everyday to a place of serenity and peace. Since I've been doing her classes I've got more energy, I'm sleeping well and breathing easier. I look forward to every one of her yoga and meditation classes I can attend.
Tony W.

I have been attending Jennie's yoga classes for a few years now and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a dedicated, passionate and inspirational yoga teacher whose classes are varied and interesting. I always come away feeling reinvigorated and grateful for that special hour together.
Pam B.

Jennifer's zoom sessions are a tonic for the body and soul. In her meditations, she has a soothing way with words that takes one to another realm. I can't recommend her classes highly enough.
Sandy F.

Having three daughters under 5 years old, I don't get to do many of Jennie's classes. But when I do I leave feeling like I have more energy and less tension. It seems what's good for the mother is good for the whole family.
Ina T.

I have appreciated your transfer to zoom classes as they are helping me enormously. I'm really enjoying the variety of yoga you are offering.
Geraldine C.

Jennie's classes relax enrich & empower me to take control of my life. Her meditation sessions are like no others...always different & make me leave my stress at the door.
Carolyn R.

Yoga with Jennifer is calming, restorative, and keeps you sane! Not only during a pandemic, but also in 'normal' times - and I do remember those! I have taken Jennifer's classes for a a long time now, and I enjoy her calm and supportive voice, and feel the benefits of the different types of yoga she teaches. You can go at your own pace, be as reflective and meditative as you wish to be, and you always come away feeling somehow energised, but also calm and ready to face the world again. Jennifer's classes create a space where you can take time out and concentrate on yourself for a little while, and in a world full of noise that is invaluable!
Gabi L

Not only did you keep my body supple and my mind calm during the lock down but I got to see other smiling faces when we logged into our class which helped me with the isolation as well. Your meditation at the end of our class is the best. Keep up the good work, Jennie.
Manya V.

Making a commitment to attend class twice a week made a big difference to my lock down life and I am so grateful we can continue to Zoom with you every week.
Your classes help me enormously.
Fay G.

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Your Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork teacher, Jennie Hanning, has an Advanced Diploma in Yoga and Meditation Education.
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Jennifer Hanning