Peaceful Relaxation

General Visualisations for Every Day


Track 1: Grand Yogic Breath -11 mins

Diaphragmatic breathing cleanses the internal organs and accelerates the pace at which the lymph system eliminates toxins. Deep, controlled breathing provides a means to optimise oxygenation to every cell in the body – so everything works better. The Grand Yogic Breath forms the basis of many breath techniques. This practice is gentle, soothing, and revitalising.

Track 2: Gentle Relaxation - 14 mins

This guided visualisation offers a relaxing time-out from the tensions and routine of daily life. You don't have to concentrate, simply let the words flow over you, allowing yourself to float down into a deep state of peace. If you stay awake for the entire practice, your sense of awareness will be heightened. Mind, body, and spirit will be refreshed and energised.

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