Sleep in Peace

Drift into heavenly slumber and awaken refreshed


Track 1: Desiderata -13 mins

Sleep should be refreshing and restorative, preparing you for the next day. Yet worries and thoughts about responsibilities can churn in one's mind right up to the second of falling asleep, taking agitation into dreams. Focused breathing followed by Desiderata (Max Erhmann, 1927) will steer your mind away from troublesome thoughts by reminding you of all that is good in your life.

Track 2: Drift and Float - 18 mins

It is difficult to relax into a deep sleep while holding tension anywhere in the body. This Progressive Muscle Relaxation will have your whole body feeling as if all your tension has melted away. Then if you are still awake, there's a little story to take you on a dream holiday around the world. If you don't get to hear it all - good.

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