Designs on Daisy

Book Two in The Hamilton Sisters Trilogy

Jennifer Hanning

Daisy, a young children's fashion designer, knows Chase is in love with her. However, she is attracted to Rick, a suave older man who offers her advice in business strategies. Daisy is ecstatic when she learns Rick's feelings for her go deeper than those of a mere mentor. He is upfront about his troubled past – but it is his future that interests Daisy.

Chase, trapped within his feelings, is unable to switch into friendship mode. Assigned to the sidelines and concerned for Daisy, he sets out to dig up dirt on his rival. He manages to plant seeds of suspicion into the minds of Daisy's family.

While juggling an arduous workload with her new relationship, Daisy continues to support older sister, Eva, who lies broken and silent after a failed suicide attempt. Eva's hate and resentment toward everyone has Daisy wanting to walk away, leaving her to dwell in her self-imposed pain and misery.

When Daisy finds one of her own dolls slashed and mutilated in her shop doorway, she fears it may be a message from someone bent on ruining her business.

A shocking family secret is revealed by a seemingly flawless family member, causing Eva to reassess her situation – and her life's purpose. With middle sister, Carmel, Eva and Daisy begin to repair their shredded family ties.

Friends and family increasingly oppose Daisy's relationship with Rick, until she herself begins to doubt his integrity and intentions.

In a dramatic conclusion, Rick and Chase reveal which of them has the ulterior motive and who is the one who truly loves Daisy.

A Word from the Author

Although it is the sequel to What Happened to Polly, Designs on Daisy can be read and enjoyed without having read the first book. This book will appeal to readers who enjoy quirky characters, humour, and drama woven into their romance stories.

The third and final book in The Hamilton Sisters series will be published around mid-2014.

Reviews on Amazon

4.0 out of 5 stars, "A great second part to this series" 7 Feb 2014 By Katie85
Designs on Daisy' is the sequel to 'What Happened to Polly', which was an excellent read and even though I had read that book over a year ago, I had remembered the gist of that story (always a good sign!) and I expected good things from the follow up. It does not disappoint.

The story starts a few months after the events of 'What Happened to Polly' so many of the events of that book are still fresh and many of the characters are familiar. What I will say though is that I loved the 'realness' of the characters especially the three sisters Daisy, Carmel and Eva. They could easily be people you know in real life. You can tell that they are close to each other and will stick together (even if Eva is reluctant to at first!).

This is what I would label an 'easy read', a story that has a comfortable pace, not hugely taxing on the brain (but still poses some surprises) and is easy to follow. But it is one of those easy reads that has something about it and it is difficult to put down (I read this in two days). If you have not already read 'What Happened to Polly', I suggest you read that before this one as that gives some important background information. Otherwise, this is a recommended read to those who love a bit of a romance and I look forward to reading part three when it comes out.

5.0 out of 5 stars, "Not disappointed" January 28, 2014 By JosMum
Another great read from this author! I having been following Ms. Hanning's work for some time, and she never disappoints! This is a fast paced, 'easy read' story which is hard to put down - I read it in two sessions.

The sometimes 'quirky' but very believable characters are kept closely connected through the plot, which makes the story line easy to follow. And there are even some yoga breathing techniques woven into the scheme of things. They worked for me, too - an added bonus! Looking forward to the next book by Jennifer Hanning

4.0 out of 5.0 stars "Highly recommended" January 31, 2014 By JSS
I have read Jennifer Hanning's past novels and thoroughly enjoyed them. Designs on Daisy is an easy, quick read about love, life and second chances. Although I found it more predictable than her other novels, I feel this is intentional as it is more a relationships/romance story - not a mystery - thus allowing the reader to get into the depth of the characters.
Heartwarming with a touch of humour, this book will have you eagerly turning the pages to find out what happens to Eva, Carmel and Daisy.
Although Designs on Daisy is complete in itself, I did feel like the story was not yet finished, as though the characters have a lot left to do. The end makes you want more of them and I am really hoping for another in this lovely series.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars, "Yes!" 7 Feb 2014 By Lynn Yexley
Loved it, felt I knew Melbourne. Lovely read... will read about the other sister now. Was recommended and not disappointed.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars "Leaves me hanging for the sequel! January 26, 2014 By Renee
Another book I found hard to put down. I love the "realness" of the sisters relationships, can't wait for the next one

4.0 out of 4.0 stars "Designs on Daisy" February 13, 2014 By Liz
This book's storyline was good. It was nice to read about all the changes that happened in the sisters lives after the way the last book ended. Some parts of this story was very touching. Some parts of this story surprised me. I love the message of this story. Good job Ms. Hanning.

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