* Jennifer Hanning - Adv.Dip.*

More and more, I am drawn to assisting people with their journey on the meditation pathway. I was fortunate enough to be kept on at VIYETT, the academy where I did my training, firstly to teach Hatha Yoga classes and then, additionally, to teach Meditation to student-teachers. This is work for which I have a deep sense of love and belonging.

After so often hearing people say they find it difficult to meditate ... "I can't keep still for long enough", "my mind wanders all over the place", "I can't relax enough to meditate", "I get bored", etc., ... I developed a Relaxation and Meditation course for beginners. There are certain techniques which an aspirant must perfect before being able to meditate effectively. The students and I could not be more happy with their progress.

Benefits of Meditation
Some of the many benefits of regular practice include:
* calmer management of stress or anxiety
* breathing more efficiently for mind and body
* thinking more clearly and effectively
* changing thought patterns to decrease negativity
* easier coping with grief or depression
* relaxing deep down into a state of peace
* sleeping better and awakening refreshed
* developing focus and concentration skills
* experiencing and understanding meditation
* deeper awareness of life and relationships
* enjoying life with serenity and happiness

Relaxation & Meditation Classes
At the moment, there is only class I am teaching for the general public.

Tuesday mornings 11:30—12:30pm
Hampton Yoga Centre
14 Thomas Street, Hampton,
Melbourne VIC 3188
Phone: 9533 1198

Classes incorporate a variety of mindful breathing practices, relaxation techniques, guided visualisations, and meditations. It is not a requirement to sit cross-legged on the floor for long periods of time.

Yoga Nidra, which is one of the deepest practices in Relaxation, is held every first Tuesday morning of the month. All the participants need to do is lie down and be comfortable while the words flow over and into them.

Expressions of interest are being collected for Relaxation and Meditation classes in
East St Kilda.

Private Sessions
I conduct one-on-one sessions ($90 for the hour) and private sessions for small groups or families ($100 - up to five people).

All Meditation sessions include Pranayama (controlled breathing) and Relaxation techniques that can be incorporated into everyday life.

For all enquiries Email: jen@jenniferhanning.com

From a lovely student
I copied this message (with permission) from a beautiful card I received from a student after she completed my eight-week Relaxation and Meditation course. It illustrates the general feedback.

"Jennie, it was a great surprise during Lesson 1 when I realised we weren't just going to sit in a room and simply meditate, which is what I had done over many years at different times and places. This was the the first time I was understanding the importance of technique and styles, which has opened up a whole new perspective and is something I hope to continue to explore further. Thank you for a joyous 8 weeks. My family has certainly benefited enormously!
Much love, Sally Egglestone."

Enjoy the Journey